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This blog is made by Sis. Fjeldsted's family to keep you updated with all her experiences! She reported March 20th and we will see her again a year and a half later. We are so excited she can serve the people of Arcadia and we hope you find enjoyment and upliftment in her letters.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Dear Family and Friends,
Thanks for all of your love and support. I'm so blessed to have a family that loves and supports me as well as a great ward back at home.
First off I'd like to say- anyone who is a member of the church is a missionary. If you didn't know that- suprise! Missionaries that serve are just full time missionaries. We are sent around the world to help the ward do missionary work where people live already. We're there to assist them and to have them help us find people to teach and who are ready to receive the gospel. We need your help more than ever! Missionary work doesn't have to be scary. Have you prayed or fasted to have missionary experiences? If not, then start! It will be much easier to have those experiences and be open to them if you desire them. Next, because you are a missionary read preach my gospel! Preach my gospel is for everyone! On your own or as a family read out of it regularly. A page a day, once a week on Sunday or for family home evening, whatever you can do is great! It is inspired and is such a great tool. It will help you learn more about sharing the gospel, why it's important and will get you excited to be a missionary. Spencer W. Kimball said that our purpose as saints is: "To proclaim the gospel, to perfect the Saints, and to redeem the dead." The very first thing listed is to proclam the gospel aka be a missionary. It's that important! Do we put it that high on our list. If not we need to change and start doing so. I never understood how important that was before my mission but I'm starting to understand more and more each day.
This week was much better than last. We still haven't found many new people to teach but we're changing our attitudes and outlook on the work and things seem to be going much better even if they are about the same. We have greater faith and desire to share the gospel. We started out with a fast towards the begining of the week and it was actually a pretty rough day that day but we saw some miracles the next day. We fasted to purify our hearts and to rededicate ourselves to the work. We've changed the way we plan and work to be more effective and efficient and we started memorizing scriptures and the articles of faith together and started The Book of Mormon from the begining together. Life goes much better when you focus on what's most important and what the Lord would have you do. Change is hard and it takes a lot of effort but the effects are wonderful.
I had dinner this week with a family- the Owen's- and they lived in Korea the same time as the Smith family in the Plymouth ward. I also went on exchanges with a brand new sister from Utah- Sister Parker- and she has cousins in minnesota, the Crocket family. I think they're in our stake and Jakob might know some of their kids. I know they have a son my age on a mission in Mexico right now. I think that's it this week for connections. It's a small world in the Mormon world I often know someone that other people know.
I had a great expericence this week having a lesson with a recient convert. He's 19 years old and just joined the church in December and he inspires me. He has a rough family life and they pretty much disowned him for joining the church. He is planing on serving a mission as soon as he can when his year mark comes up and he will have zero support from home (well he already has zero support from home). He's incredible though and has a very powerful testimony with such great desire to do what is right. Sister Fleming and I had a wonderful lesson with him at a members home and they were a great support to him as well. We also had a great expericence with an investigator reading the Psalm of Nephi with her (2 Nephi 4). There is a great power and spirit felt by reading The Book of Mormon with real intent. It touched her very strongly and was a great strength to see that a prophet had felt the way she does through all her trials and challenges.
Alma 37:36-37
Thank you so much to Sister Miller and Sister Gardner for the package. I loved it and love you both so much. Thanks so much!
Thank you family for all the letters you send. Sorry I don't have time to write back but I love you all!
Love, Sister Chelsey Fjeldsted

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