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This blog is made by Sis. Fjeldsted's family to keep you updated with all her experiences! She reported March 20th and we will see her again a year and a half later. We are so excited she can serve the people of Arcadia and we hope you find enjoyment and upliftment in her letters.

Monday, June 24, 2013


Dear Friends and Family,
Well it's been a crazy, busy, great week. I just dropped off my companion at the mission office this morning :( sister Fleming is all done with her mission. I can't believe it. What else is funny is that until I get my new companion I will be with Sister Baum until she gets her new companion as well. So I'm with my last companion today in the last area I served in, in the same library I used to write from and we were both trained by Sister Fleming.
So as far as news goes. The reason I don't have a companion is because I'm training.... Yep. The Lord is very patient to make me a trainer. I just finished my own training and now here I go. I've only been in the area for one transfer and I don't know the area as well as I should and I know I have many inadequacies so this will definitely be a time of patience, and learning, and growing. I had a feeling from day one that I was with Sister Fleming that I would be training so I've been paying close attention to all she does and tried to learn and remember all I could. so far I'm two for two with predicting transfers, we'll see if I get the next one right! haha. I'm grateful for this opportunity I will have to train. It's sad when you see other missionaries that are disobedient or gossipy or don't seem to care much or other things like that and I'm grateful to be with a new companion so we can work together to not be any of those things and not bring any disobedience into the mission. I've been noticing my weaknesses a lot lately which isn't always fun but it's good for us all to strive to do better and be more repentant. The gospel of Jesus Christ (faith, repentance, baptism/ sacrament, endure to the end) is the key to life but we have to actually DO it which means continually repenting and looking to the ward for strength.
No baptisms or investigators with baptismal dates to report. At times I get frustrated with myself that I haven't had any yet but I have to remember that I can always do better and that everyone still has their agency and that I can always repent and move forward/ do better. There has been a bit of a drought lately it seems as far as teaching and baptizing go in this area but I have great hope, faith, and renewed determination and drive to get working harder and live and teach my purpose better (the gospel of Jesus Christ). The work will move forward here and we will baptize. It will be wonderful. It's happening I just need to get my act together better and live and breathe and teach and love the gospel of Jesus Christ at all times.
If you didn't watch the general Leadership Broadcast this past Sunday do it. Watch it by yourself, with your families, whatever you can do. Every member of the church should watch it and pay attention to the promptings they get and then get up and do them right away without delay. We need your help! I love you all. Have a wonderful week.
Love, Sister Chelsey Fjeldsted

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